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03/24/2008: "2008" music: Rainy Day by Yang Zhong Wei
mood: so-so

hi! i guess it's time for me to come back and blog again. haunted again for ages. Even coming online also quite seldom i suppose plus even come online wont have the intention to blog also. Well, there're too much things happening around us lately. Accidents and Uncertainties. For now, i guess i'll blog for good? hopefully would stick to that as my 2nd semester holiday is around the corner already.

January to February 2008 to me was good good.. moods of preparing for Chinese New Year and im always out with mr.kacang which makes my parents abit unhappy with it but ahhh... oh wellsss~~ CNY to me this year was kinda different as there are some certain misunderstandings and arguments happened during that two weeksss.. As I may assume, it's another stage for us to grow and understand each other again. Well, as usual out for visiting till quite late midnight and off to bed and the following day doing the routine all over and over again. big grin I bet now, most of us is using our red packets money huhss? and for the one who save it, i really salute u.. sighs! thats my weakness after al.. "SAVING MONEY" !! When can i have that determination to do so ? ..... Nowadays, money money money all the way.. even how little u are.. ur facing that issue. lols. im not saying myself LITTLE but yeah, still young woah...

Days passed by so fast till a week before my birthday.. a big news struck me in my heart and felt pain and sympathy for them.. i remembered that day I'm still at Miri which gonna attend for the next class.. my god sister and 6 other friends were burned to death. I just dont know what more to say but just to pray and hope they will rest in peace and all of us need to have more precaution and prevention from things like this to happen again. What more, I really sincerely do hope fire brigades and ambulance be at least faster than usual.. NEwspaper wrote very nicely for you guys so i supposed you all need to be actually be it and do it.. like this i guess u will much more better or a hero?? rather than faking it. SUCKS alot. Maybe and maybe if u guys turned up earlier, u guys could help abit.. Saving a second of time really worth it. time is precious and gold to us.

Till the big day of mine turning "20"..... really have no feel to it or excited for it. But during the clock hand struck to 12am 18th.. i have lots of surprises from my beloved one.. really thanks alot and appreciate everything that u've done. LOVE YOU banyak banyak! as i've always said to u. I've got cake, cards, Sony Ericsson W910i (my love)!!, a frame full of glow in da dark decorations and of course not to forget my beloved darlings... thanks for celebrating with me eventho its belated but it's all good for me. Not to forget i also have to thanks BOSS KU YANG TERHORMAT AMANDA CHONG who made cheese cake for me. terima kasih. kiss u ! <3 and ma Mary for the gloss razz last but not least, my lovely family too! big grin thanks for dinnnerrr.. appreciate everyone smile MUAHSS ! (K)!

And today, bad news come around when i just wake up in da morning. May you rest in peace, you will be blessed and also be missed and loved by your family. Tho, im not that close with you but i respect for all you've done and miss you dearly too. Same goes to Ate JOY!, we missed u alot .......................
Like what we say.. appreciate whats in front of you now.. maybe tomorrow will never come ...........

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